About our German classes

Operating since 2011, My Language Café has grown to be one of the leading German language schools in the Philippines. Through our German A1 classes, we have helped many students pass their language proficiency tests and reunite with their partner or family in Germany. 

In recent years, more and more nurses have joined our German A1 to B2 program and we are proud of a growing number of B2 Allgemein and B2 Pflege exam passers (i.e. Telc, Goethe, or ÖSD). We commit ourselves to recruiting and retaining highly qualified native German teachers.

Depending on your purpose, you may join any of our upcoming German classes from level A1 (beginner) up to B2 (intermediate). Online and physical classes are available. 

Why study German?

Do you have a German partner and are planning to move and live with your family in Germany, Austria or Switzerland?

Applicants for a Family reunion visa or Marriage visa must provide Proof of Basic Knowledge of the German Language. We help you get there by giving you the foundation you need to communicate well and to adapt to a different culture. Required certificate: A1 

Has it always been your dream to work abroad? 

Nurses are now increasingly in demand on the European labour market. Take this opportunity!

Qualified workers applying for a working visa or seeking employment in Germany must provide Proof of Intermediate Knowledge of the German Language. Required certificate: B1 or B2

Other opportunities: enroll for a college course in Germany, apply for a dual training program (Ausbildung) or become an Au Pair.

Does your company have business relationships with Germany? 

We also offer corporate classes which can be organized to fit your company's needs. 

Level Overview

From beginner to fluent: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2

Level A1: needs 80-120 h to complete. Required for "family reunion" or "fiancé" visa.

Level A2: needs 80-120 h to complete. 

Level B1: needs 80-120 h to complete. Required for student visa (dual vocational training).

Level B2: needs 120-180 h to complete. Required for working visa (professionals/skilled workers).

Course fees

How to enroll

Step 1: Fill out the registration form online or visit our school.

Step 2: Make your down payment and send us a copy of the payment confirmation

Step 3: Wait for the enrollment confirmation.