Why study Cebuano?

In most parts of the Philippines, sure, you'll get by speaking English. But if you truly want to connect with the locals, immerse in the culture and put an even brighter smile on the face of a Filipino, you need to learn one of their dialects. If you live in the Visayas, Cebuano is the right choice for you. 

About our Cebuano classes

Our Cebuano course is for people with little or no knowledge of the Cebuano language. You will begin with the foundation of the Cebuano language. You will be introduced to Cebuano grammar, vocabulary, common expressions and develop the four macro skills (Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking). Furthermore, you will gain a lot of knowledge and interesting trivia about the Philippines, its culture, places and people. 

Level Overview

From beginnner to fluent: Level 1 - 10 

Each level requires about 30 hours