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About our German classes

Operating since 2011, My Language Café has grown to be one of the leading German language schools in the Philippines. Through our German A1 classes, we have helped many students pass their language proficiency tests and reunite with their partner or family in Germany. 

Since then, more and more nurses have joined our German A1 to B2 program and we are proud of a growing number of B2 Allgemein and B2 Pflege exam passers (i.e. Telc, Goethe, or ÖSD). We commit ourselves to engaging highly qualified native German teachers.

Depending on your purpose, you may join any of our upcoming German classes from level A1 (beginner) up to B2 (intermediate). If you join us for a level higher than A1, please schedule an assessment test with us.

Available options:

✔️ Face-to-face classes at our school in Cebu City or Dumaguete City

✔️ Live online classes (via Zoom)

✔️ Take your German proficiency test in Cebu City

Level Overview

The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) is a widely used system to assess language proficiency across Europe, including German. The CEFR defines six levels, from A1 to C2, which represent different degrees of language competence.

Please note that language learning is a gradual process, and the time it takes to progress through these levels varies depending on the learner's commitment, practice, and exposure to the language.

A1 class

A1 Level (Beginner):

A1 Intensive course 

Need to take the A1 exam as well? Book this add-on:

A1 Review + exam BUNDLE

🏷️ A1 exam review (1 week) + ÖSD A1 exam = 13,100 PHP

A2 class

A2 Level (Elementary):

A2 Intensive course 

B1 class

B1 Level (Intermediate):

B1 Intensive course 

B2 class

B2 Level (Upper Intermediate):

B2 Intensive course

Need to take the B2 exam as well? Book this add-on:

B2 Review + Exam BUNDLE

🏷️ B2 exam review (2 weeks) + ÖSD B2 exam = 20,200 PHP

Exam Preparation Only (Any level/any format)

If you're preparing for a German language proficiency exam, such as the Goethe-Zertifikat, ÖSD or telc, we offer specialized exam preparation courses. These courses focus on familiarizing you with the exam format, practicing specific exam tasks, enhancing your language skills, and providing strategies to maximize your performance on the exam. Our experienced instructors will guide you through the exam preparation process, ensuring you feel confident and well-prepared on exam day. 

For A1 and B2, we can offer group classes, either face-to-face or online. For A2, B1, or special requests, please inquire about private lessons.

A1 exam review

B2 exam review

B1/B2 Pflege (Special course for nurses)

Our B1/B2 Pflege Course is an intensive and tailored language training program specifically designed to cater to the language needs of healthcare professionals, particularly those working in nursing and medical care settings. This course focuses on enhancing German language skills at the B1 and B2 levels of the CEFR, empowering participants to communicate effectively and confidently in the healthcare domain.

B1/B2 Pflege Intensive course 

How to enroll

Why study German?

Do you have a German partner and are planning to move and live with your family in Germany, Austria or Switzerland?

Applicants for a Family reunion visa or Marriage visa must provide Proof of Basic Knowledge of the German Language. The same goes if you want to work as an Au Pair in Germany. We help you get there by giving you the foundation you need to communicate well and adapt to a different culture. We prepare you for the A1 certificate and you can also take the exam with us.

Have you considered working abroad? 

Registered nurses are now in high demand in the European labor market. Take this opportunity and learn German for free through a scholarship from our partner agencies!

Alternatively, you can also apply for the study and work program in Germany, called: Ausbildung. Required language level: B2

Does your company have business relationships with Germany? 

We also offer corporate classes which can be organized to fit your company's needs.